Why Is Baby Car Seat A Must-Have Item?

Published: 07th February 2012
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'A bundle of joy' - this phrase is quite apt for the purpose of describing a baby because after all, a baby can truly light up its parents' world. However, as parents, one must be aware of the responsibilities towards the child, especially inside a car because the child is most susceptible to injuries during a mishap. In order to ensure that things are under control one must think in terms of a baby car seat.

Whether embarking on a long or short drive, having a baby car seat would not only ensure that the child is safe but comfortable as well. In this respect it would be wiser to invest in a car seat which is replete with features, both safety and otherwise. Another consideration while deciding the type of car seat to be purchased pertains to the duration for which it is meant to last because children tend to grow very fast.

There are two types of seats available for kids' namely infant carrier and convertible. While the former is suitable both in and out of the car and facilitates shifting without lifting the baby, the latter is a long term investment which can easily accommodate a growing child as well. Hence it is up to the buyer to ascertain his personal needs and then make up his mind as to which variety would suit him the best.

Apart from buying, something that is more essential as regards baby car seat is its installation in the vehicle. Despite the provision of user's manual, an important guideline for parents would be to select a position which would be safest for the baby. For babies under two years, the seat should be in rear facing position while after two years it should be facing forward.

Next is the actual installation and the universally accepted standard in this regard is the LATCH system wherein the seat is directly attached to the anchors provided in the car. Adherence to a few useful tips like correct threading of the seat belt, mounting of the seat at the recommended angle and leaving no gap between the baby seat and the back of the car seat ensures proper installation.

A baby car seat without a harness is akin to going for a rough drive without putting on the seatbelt. Having installed the seat and positioned the child in place, it is time to fix the 5-point harness which has two straps locking the hips, two to secure the shoulders and one that goes between the legs. The straps should be flat on the baby's body and ideally the gap should not be more than one finger.

So why is a baby car seat required and why is it fixed facing the rear of the vehicle? It has been scientifically proven that during accidents, the part of the car which is likely to be the least affected is the rear as compared to the front and hence this part is the safest for babies. Secondly such a seat ensures that the baby would remain in one place and not move around the car causing distraction to the driver.

Covering the baby car seat with a seat cover is also a good as also hygienic idea especially since it can be removed and washed regularly. As long as the cover is a perfect fit and is of a fabric which is not just long lasting but comfortable as well, this idea is advantages personified. Moreover it is a creative way of showcasing the baby's personality through colors, patterns and designs.


Shopping for the best baby car seats can be an overwhelming task especially for first time parents. Don't make a mistake and invest in the wrong baby car seat for your child. Find the best baby car seat at baby car seat reviews website.

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